Professional Cabinet Refinishing System

Professional Cabinet Refinishing PhoenixOur professional cabinet refinishing system is a low-cost option to dramatically change the look of your cabinets. Depending on your desired look and the condition of your cabinets, refinishing may be the perfect solution for your plain looking cabinets. Our top-coating process combines sprayed and hand wiped finishes that are very hard, durable, and look terrific. Your cabinets will have varied color throughout which replicates stained wood. We use only the highest quality, ultra low VOC coatings available. Our refinishing process involves no chemical stripping, scraping, or dusty sanding mess. After careful surface preparation our coatings are applied directly to your existing cabinet finish using a thorough seven-step process, building 4 layers of color and depth. This multi-step process can usually be completed in only 2 to 3 days of work in your home.

We currently have 14 attractive colors or we can create a custom color if you're looking for something specific.

Professional Resilient Cabinet Finish

We often recommend refinishing in situations where you are happy with the style of your doors-but not the color. Refinishing is also an ideal choice if you have a white-washed or a natural type finish but is compatible with just about any kind, as long as the existing finish is relatively sound.

Resilient Cabinet Finishes ScottsdaleOur refinishing process is pain-free for you: Your doors and drawer fronts are removed and refinished at our shop. Then, we return to your home to complete the job. The cabinet faces and side panels are thoroughly prepared, and after careful masking, the transformation takes place. We follow it up with a final coat of satin or semi-gloss polyurethane for added durability and just the right sheen-not too shiny. Lastly, your newly finished doors and drawer fronts are installed to complete the makeover. Grapevine Cabinets also offers cabinet painting in a wide range of colors if you prefer an opaque finish. This includes paint with a clear topcoat for a professional, resilient finish. A glaze coat can also be added for an antique look.

On-Site Professional Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing

Professional Cabinet Refinishing ScottsdaleOur refinishing process involves on-site finishing using high-performance waterborne coatings which are safer and have very minimal odor compared to the old solvent-based materials. The coatings we use are fast-drying while producing no harmful off-gases during curing. There are never any chemical stripper-type products used in your home. We use HVLP spray equipment to apply the new finish, which produces a nice, smooth, professional appearance without brush marks. Our coatings will not spontaneously chip, flake, crack, or peel. Additional custom options include but are not limited to, island columns, bead-board, crown molding, dovetail drawer boxes, and decorative trim.

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