About Grapevine Cabinets

Fix Out-Dated Cabinets PhoenixGrapevine Cabinets is a small company dedicated to providing top quality solutions for worn or out-dated cabinetry. We specialize in the refacing and refinishing of installed cabinets. Since cabinetry is often the focal point of kitchens and bathrooms, there is a high value in what we do. We offer you attractive products, fair pricing, and reliable service.

How It All Started

People frequently ask me how I got into the cabinet restoration business. Well, here’s the short version:

Phoenix Cabinet RestorationAbout 16 years ago, my wife really wanted a particular wooden toy box that resembled a treasure chest, but it was out of our new-baby budget. With a little ambition but little experience, I said to her, “I can make that!” So I did. My challenge was that the only tools I owned or had ever used were a plastic miter box, handsaw, and a first generation cordless screwdriver. The only thing I had ever built was a pine wood derby car in Cub Scouts, and my father did most of the work with his handsaw and miter box. In addition, I knew absolutely nothing about applying a stain or finish of any kind.

Anyway, I gave it my best effort and well, let’s just say you could put toys in it. That's ok, It was my first project. I knew I could do better if I just had a table saw…then a jigsaw…then a band saw…then a planer…and on…and on…and on (this was more than an excuse to buy more tools, honest!). So you can see where this is going: Over time, I had accumulated a garage full of machinery and could build just about anything. As a hobbyist, I've made all kinds of tables, jewelry boxes, cigar humidors, cutting boards, and all sorts of other things for family and friends. However, my least favorite part of the project was always applying a finish. I was capable of ruining the best pieces by slopping on some off-the-shelf finish. The results were usually disappointing to me.

“My wife and I could not be happier with the cabinet refinishing job Jeff did for us. I spent a small fortune on new quartz countertops, glass tile backsplash and new appliances. For some reason our kitchen still did not look the way we envisioned it. We couldn't afford to tear everything out and replace the cabinets. Jeff came over and presented us with some samples and we were sold! It only took about three days to complete and it looks amazing! Our kitchen is complete and everyone asks if we put in brand new cabinets. Thank you Jeff!”Eric A, North Phoenix

Cabinet Refacing

Cabinet Refacing PhoenixEventually, I tackled my first cabinet refacing project, which was our own ugly white-washed kitchen cabinetry. Biting off perhaps more than I could chew at the time, I made 33 cabinet doors and drawer fronts from scratch. The doors and fronts turned out great but once again, I ruined them in the finishing stage by using an off-the-shelf polyurethane/stain product. What was I thinking? I needed a spray system and some finishing know-how in order to get the professional results I was looking for. So, I kept experimenting with my projects. With the right equipment, knowledge, and desire to improve, I was finally able to lay down a top-notch finish to complement my time-invested woodworking projects. Primarily, I use waterborne coatings which have come a long way in appearance and durability. New technologies have definitely brought waterborne coatings up to par with the solvent based coatings of the past.

Custom Cabinet Refinishing System

Cabinet Refacing ScottsdaleI became so busy simply "through the grapevine", that I decided to make it a full time living. These days, I purchase custom-made prefinished materials for cabinet refacing. After a lot of research and development, I created a custom refinishing system that gives great looking, durable results. I truly enjoy bringing these valuable cabinetry services to my customers.