From a botched refinish, to a new look with refacing

January 29th, 2015 Posted by admin

Someone who didn’t know what they were doing in refinishing these oak cabinets and really botched the job. They did, however, seem to know what they were doing when they ripped off their customer and left them high and dry. The finish looked like a solid color paint type coating with a shellac topcoat. The surfaces had been lightly […]

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Solid color cabinet finish

November 29th, 2014 Posted by admin

Most of the time we refinish with a solid cabinet color, some version of white is the preference. However, the color options are unlimited with Grapevine Cabinets. We can refinish your cabinets in any color or shade you desire, all with our super clear, durable topcoat. Here’s a couple photos of a grey finish we completed recently: These cabinets […]

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80’s Refaced Kitchen Cabinets

November 7th, 2014 Posted by admin

We recently completed a reface of some very badly painted cabinets from the 1980’s. Our client was getting their home ready for sale and the existing condition of the cabinets was not good, and screamed at you when you walked into the kitchen. They had been painted a very dark green color by a previous homeowner. […]

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