From a botched refinish, to a new look with refacing

Someone who didn’t know what they were doing in refinishing these oak cabinets and really botched the job. They did, however, seem to know what they were doing when they ripped off their customer and left them high and dry. The finish looked like a solid color paint type coating with a shellac topcoat. The surfaces had been lightly sanded at the time of these pictures but they were super-glossy with heavy brush marks, and the topcoat was peeling off just after a short time. The room still smelled heavy of solvent and the finish was still tacky in some areas!

Before photoIMG_20141103_081833_232

We’re unable to refinish over something in this poor condition so we recommended a reface in this situation. It was such a shame for our client to have to put more money into their improvements but they needed to get this home on the market.  Check out the results of what we did:

DSC_1251 DSC_1252 DSC_1253

We converted these cabinets to a new look by refacing with beech wood raised-panel doors and new concealed hinges.

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