80’s Refaced Kitchen Cabinets

We recently completed a reface of some very badly painted cabinets from the 1980’s. Our client was getting their home ready for sale and the existing condition of the cabinets was not good, and screamed at you when you walked into the kitchen. They had been painted a very dark green color by a previous homeowner. I could tell it was a DIY job due to the poor quality of the finish. It appeared that they used a roller to apply the paint, which will leave an orange peel finish-a rough, bumpy finish that looks like an orange peel. The paint appeared to be latex paint and was peeling all over the place, especially in heavy-use areas. In fact, the paint was still soft and had been painted years before. Only the outside faces were painted and it looked like the doors were painted while still in place. The new look is a shaker style beech door with a merlot finish. As usual, we sized the cabinet doors larger in order to close the large gaps between them. This also updates the look a bit further. Here’s a before and after:

IMG_20141020_075948_351[1]IMG_20141021_114723_160[1] IMG_20141021_114814_163[1]

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